Bryan Graves / Board Operator / Traffic


Bryan is a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for radio and a wealth of experience in the industry. As a valued member of the WGBB team, he serves as the board operator on Saturday and Sunday evenings, expertly managing the technical aspects of our broadcasts.

With over 15 years of programming, formatting, structure, and traffic control experience, Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to WGBB. His dedication to his craft is evident through his previous work at prestigious stations such as WRKL in Pomona, New York, and WTHE in Mineola on Long Island. Bryan has also contributed his skills to renowned stations like Mix 102.7 and Sirius Satellite Radio. Prior to joining WGBB in 2009, he showcased his talent as a morning drive time host at WNYG, 1440 AM in Babylon, New York.

When Bryan isn’t immersed in the world of radio, he finds solace in his love for contemporary Christian music, as well as his appreciation for new wave and smooth jazz genres. Beyond his musical interests, Bryan enjoys indulging in hobbies such as following NASCAR, football, and tennis. He also finds joy in camping and has a deep fascination with mechanical machines. Furthermore, Bryan’s musical talents extend beyond listening, as he is known to play the piano and occasionally performs with live bands.

In addition to his contributions at WGBB, Bryan also holds a position at YCRadio, CUNY/York College in Jamaica, New York, further demonstrating his commitment to the radio industry.

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