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Join Joey Petroni, the charismatic host of The Joey Petroni Show, as he brings his one-of-a-kind flair and curious nature to captivating conversations with guests from all walks of life. Mark your calendars for every Monday night at 7:00pm and immerse yourself in an exciting radio show experience!


Step into the world of The Joey Petroni Show with your host Joey Petroni!

Joey’s unique style and inquisitive spirit shine through as he engages with guests from diverse backgrounds. Although, absolutely never regarded as a role model himself, Joey has Good Times exchanging words with those who are truly worthy of imitation. Life’s Bad Times can weigh us down, leaving us stressed and tired. But fear not! Joey Petroni’s off-the-wall approach is here to offer a refreshing break from the daily chaos. Join him on this exciting radio show as he brings you laughter and levity, making your Mondays unforgettable.


About the Host

Joey Petroni grew up in Levittown, Long Island being told by his parents, schoolteachers, clergy, and anyone important to him, to stop asking stupid questions. They all said “you’ll never amount to anything by asking stupid questions”. We’ll folks; those may have been Bad Times but look at him now.

A man of many talents, Joey Petroni has had a variety of odd jobs in lifetime, including that of a DJ, landscaper, handyman and stand-up comedian. In recent years, Joey won the East Coast Karaoke championship, which led to an audition for the lead singer position in the rock ‘n’ roll band Aerosmith. Before moving to the Barclay’s center, Joey helped the New York Islanders ‘Ice Girls’ as the ice team’s enforcer, the Ice Guy. A finalist in the Governor’s of Long Island ‘Laugh Off’ competition this past summer, Joey now adds ‘radio host’ to his list of jobs, as host of Good Times, Bad Times here at WGBB.

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