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It Came From The Radio is an engaging and captivating weekly radio show that takes listeners on a thrilling journey into the world of science fiction and fantasy. With its distinct focus on the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, the show delves into a wide array of topics, providing an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for its audience. Tune in Sunday evenings from 6:00pm to 6:30pm.


It Came From The Radio, formerly known as The Comic Book Novice, is a beloved radio show that has been captivating audiences since 2003. Hosted by Mark Torres, Hassan Godwin, Charlie Saladino, and Jenny Feldy, the show offers a unique blend of discussions and insights centered around sci-fi and fantasy. From analyzing movies, TV shows, novels, and video games to interviewing industry professionals, the hosts delve into a wide range of topics related to these genres. They go beyond the surface to explore the intricate realm of comic books, featuring interviews with celebrated writers, artists, filmmakers, and other influential figures. Additionally, the show serves as a platform for discussions on the latest entertainment news and releases, often welcoming celebrities and independent creators to share their experiences. With its dynamic and engaging content, It Came From The Radio has become a must-listen program for enthusiasts and fans alike, providing an entertaining and enlightening experience.  It is the official show of the Big Apple Comic Con.

About the Hosts

Mark Torres, an avid fan of comics and movies since childhood, has immersed himself in these realms throughout his life. His passion led him to work in video stores and movie theaters, gaining valuable industry experience. In addition, Mark has published two creator-owned comic book projects, including the acclaimed “Designated.” He has also co-written a comic book featuring his character “Sunburst” in “Sunburst & Phazer, War of the Independents: Crossover, Issue 2,” published by RZG Comics. With his engaging sense of humor, Mark brings a critical and distinctive perspective to the show.

Hassan Godwin, a multi-talented artist, writer, and musician, resides in the vibrant city of New York. With a passion for creativity from a young age, Hassan started drawing at the tender age of three and began writing at the age of ten. He further honed his artistic skills by attending the Art Student’s League during high school and pursuing an associate’s degree in illustration at the prestigious Pratt Institute at just seventeen years old. Hassan’s journey in the comic book industry began with an internship at Valiant Comics, which eventually led to a five-year tenure in production. He then embarked on a decade-long career with Wizard Magazine. Notably, Hassan’s artwork has recently been featured in the celebrated Thing Art Book by Printed in Blood, showcasing his remarkable talent to a wider audience.

Charlie Sladino, the “Senior Correspondent,” boasts a decade-spanning, vast behind-the-scenes experience in the entertainment industry, notably including his work at ABC for many years. Despite his title, Charlie radiates an infectious youthful energy and excitement that surpasses individuals half his age, making him a captivating presence on the show. His extensive expertise brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, enriching the program with his seasoned perspective.

Jenny Feldy joins the program as the newest co-host, bringing a diverse range of talents and experiences to the table. As a Health Counselor, Trainer, Reki Master, Reverend, Licensed Cosmetologist, Actress, Producer, Writer, Model, and Stand-up Comedian, Jenny’s multi-faceted background adds a unique and offbeat perspective to the show. Her fresh viewpoint offers a refreshing take on discussions, keeping the program lively and engaging for listeners.

Designated: Issue 1
A Comic Book by Mark Torres

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