Rob Kowal has been an integral part of WGBB since 2007, serving as a versatile consultant in various capacities. With his extensive experience, he has fulfilled multiple roles within the organization, contributing significantly to its success and growth. With a diverse skill set, Rob’s contributions encompass a wide range of responsibilities. Currently, he manages the […]

Bryan is a multi-talented individual with a deep passion for radio and a wealth of experience in the industry. As a valued member of the WGBB team, he serves as the board operator on Saturday and Sunday evenings, expertly managing the technical aspects of our broadcasts. With over 15 years of programming, formatting, structure, and […]

Trevor is the glue that keeps WGBB together, handling a wide range of responsibilities for the station- managing the WGBB studios building during the week and running the board during our Saturday morning broadcasts. Known as “The Preacherman” when on the air, Trevor also co-hosts the long running Gospel Celebration with Anmire “ACE” Medica.

Always on the go, Jeff is in charge of the day to day business operations of WGBB and a key player at the Chinese Radio Network (CRN).  Over the course of a given week, you might see him representing CRN at a conference or recruiting an exciting new host for WGBB. We won’t bore you with […]

A veteran of the industry, Ms. Chain is not only the General Manager for WGBB, but she is also in charge of one of the largest radio networks for the Asian diaspora.  Serving the community in Mandarin, Ms. Chain heads up the Chinese Radio Network.

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